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Parts of the Becker-Hill website are associated with a private Facebook Group. The Facebook Group is your space to connect, create, share, grow and inspire. It is up to us to keep this a safe, accepting, and encouraging space for everyone. We are all here to build our brands, grow our businesses, and positively impact the world. Please read and agree to the guidelines below.

If we view that you are in violation of any of these rules this is grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the Facebook Group.

1.    No selling. Do not actively promote, sell, spam, mass mail or solicit business within this group. Feel free to take conversations offline if you want to create a business relationship with someone you meet in the group.

2.    Be kind. There is no room for haters and trolls in any Facebook group associated with Becker-Hill Inc. website or services. It is our job collectively to make everyone feel welcome, encouraged and supported.

3.    Don’t trash talk. Though we can not control what you say outside of this group, we highly encourage you not to trash talk anyone inside or outside of this group. We are all doing the best we can at any given moment.

4.    Give. Give. Give. Somedays it can feel like all we are doing is giving, but you can truly never give enough. With that said, do not give away the services that you sell just because you feel obligated.

5.    This is not charity. Respect others’ professions, expertise, and knowledge. Your question or need posed in this group may be too much for a quick response or it may be inappropriate for the group as a whole. Respect a fellow member who is offering you support  if they ask to bring the conversation offline and in turn support you through a paid professional exchange. It is your choice to accept their paid help or not. Not everything can be solved for free or instantly.

6.    Be ethical and original. Do not steal other’s ideas, work, visuals, and or verbiage. You are your own creative being. You do you.

7.    Due diligence is up to you. We have lots of amazing businesses in this group. It is up to you to do your due diligence prior to hiring any of them. Members of this group are in no way shape or form endorsed, vetted, or approved by Becker-Hill Inc.

8.    Respect personal boundaries. We chose Facebook Groups because of the intimate nature of the private group structure. The file sharing, instant updates, searchability, and private messaging easy to use on any platform. Please do not unnecessarily tag people , spam, over message or harass in any way your fellow members. If you reach out once and you receive no response then follow up once in a kind, understanding way. After that if you get no response, then maybe the person is busy or just not that into you. Please don’t take it personally.

9.    Respect the intellectual property of Sylvia Becker-Hill, Becker-Hill Inc. and the other members. Sharing files for feedback and resources to better your brand is part of the value of the group. Do not claim any work other than your own as you own.

10. Ask for approval not forgiveness. Do not upload any visuals that could be viewed as offensive or lewd. When in doubt message us first. We are happy to help. Do not share resources with the group without prior consent from the Becker-Hill Inc. team.

11. Becker-Hill Inc. has a zero tolerance policy for sharing of affiliate links in private groups.

12. Appreciate this Group and the community within in.  The purpose is to provide a place to grow and share. This group is Sylvia Becker-Hill’s way of connecting and giving back.

13. Facebook Groups are governed by rules outside of the control of Becker-Hill Inc. They can change their rules and regulations at any time. If they change their terms or decide to start charging for groups, that may limit or remove our ability to keep the group open and running. If group guidelines are not honored and upheld, this group may also be restricted or blocked beyond the control of Becker-Hill Inc.

15. Be all in. Please do not create subgroups to this group. Rather focus your time and energy on the wisdom and skills that are here and enjoy the community.