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The world is in a crisis of leadership .

Leaders are at breaking point.

Are you one of them?


The Juicy Life Leader Academy
shows hard working leaders 
how to be successful
professionally AND personally
so they can live juicy lives that matter.

The global pandemic in 2020 showed clearly what works in our societies and what doesn't.  Old leadership styles often failed to meet both the realities of the pandemic, or the expectations of citizens. Serious complex global problems like the climate crisis, international waves of refugees,  water shortages, and the changing nature of work were to a large extent ignored or sidelined.

​Leaders become mentally and physically exhausted, and emotionally tired of sacrifycing their health, happiness and family life for businesses that are increasingly seen as being build on unsustainable practices or ethically questionable business models. 

The glorified former values of our patriarchal culture - status, money and power - have lost their appeal to many. The price we are paying to achieve them has become  too high,  and it is also becoming clearer that they fail to satisfy a deeper hunger for creative self expression, connection and fulfillment.

What if a different world were possible, one that works for everyone and is sustainable for people AND the planet?

What if a different kind of leadership were possible, one through which you create top results, impact others positively, AND enjoy the freedom to be yourself?

What if you could be successful professionally AND privately by leading a truly juicy life?

We now know: Happy Leaders are better leaders!

TheJuicy Life Leader Academy is an online learning membership for this much needed awakening and transformation. It is a global community of professional men and women committed to deliberatly evolve in order to create a world based in gender partnership that works for everyone and for planet Earth.
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Is the Juicy Life Leader Academy right for you?

The Juicy Life Leader Academy might be for you
if you are asking yourself ...

  • I've worked so hard all my life... and for what?
  • I've exceeded all expectations and am successful in the eyes of the world... yet why am I not happy?
  • I'm just too exhausted to enjoy my success.
  • I'm scared if I keep working like I do now, I'll regret it.
  • I wish I could stop worrying about my finances...
  • They told me it's my job to motivate my team. Yet why is that so hard?
  • I don't want to work myself into burnout!
  • I wish I didn't feel that I can't be my true self at work.
  • If I'm not careful, I won't be able to look myself in the eye...
  • Not another change initiative from corporate please! They are all a waste of...
  • Diversity and inclusion are just buzz words here. No one here truly believes them. Yet I would love to work in partnership with a truly diverse group of people.
  • What's the meaning of my work? I long to know my purpose.
  • It's not possible to have both: A fulfilling career AND a fulfilled private life!
  • I wish I had more time and energy for my family, my hobbies and myself.
  • Hobbies? Who has time for those?
  • I want change - fundamental change - yet I don't know where to start.
  • There must be a different way to do business!
  • I'm done spinning my wheels and banging my head against the wall!!!
  • I refuse to compromise my integrity! If only bullies can succeed in this game, I don't want to play.
  • How can I partner with others and build a better world? Isn't that what every one wants?
  • I miss myself. How might it feel like to be at home with myself again?
  • What would my life look like if I followed my inner guidance rather than other people's expectations?
  • How would it feel to come fully alive and create something that truly matters? To myself AND others?

"Chasing status and power over others,
sweating blood and tears for money
is the old story we've been told to live by.
I tell you: It's over!

It's time you claim your freedom to define success
on your terms and live your dreams!"

Sylvia Becker-Hill

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Personal P.S. from Sylvia Becker-Hill:

"Being a leader in the broad understanding of this leadership academy training institute means taking a political and active stand for a better world.
If you just want to focus on the betterment of your own results leading to more status, power and money, my academy is the wrong place for you.
I refuse to be complicit in making you functioning better inside a system that is not sustainable and hurting you. I'm committed to change the system in partnership with you while empowering you to be truly happy. If that calls you, please join us!"