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About Sylvia Becker-Hill

What qualifies her to teach, mentor and coach you?

  • MBA in Administrative Science from the College of Applied Administrative Science Cologne Germany 1989
  • Master of Arts in Philosophy, Linguistics, German Literature, German Language, Educational Science, Early Childhood Development and Gender Studies
  • MBA in Administrative Science from the College of Applied Administrative Science Cologne Germany 1989
  • Master Theses about matriarchal cultures
  • Self-employed since 1997
  • First German Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2002.
  • Recertification every three years with 40 hours minimum of continued education in the field of professional coaching.
  • Ran her own coaching training school for 7 years with 125 hours and getting her graduate students certified by the ICF.
  • Leadership award for her contribution to the coaching industry by the ICF in 2014.
  • Executive clients from over 20 countries on 4 continents with thousands of hours of one to one coaching.
Sylvia serving clients online utilizing online technology and apps for the benefit of her international clientele.
Sylvia is a professionally trained edutainment speaker traveling the world to speak at leadership conferences on big stages and behind closed corporate doors.
Sylvia eats books for breakfast. She read fluently when she was four. She had read more than 10 000 books by the age of 40. She studies and relaxes daily with books.
  • Deep expertise working with corporate clients for a few years in the field of merger and acquisitions in: Change management, conflict resolution and team building.
  • Thought after edutainment keynote presenter on international leadership stages
  • Podcast host with listeners from over 54 countries
  • Published over 30 book chapters and magazine articles about leadership or coaching in German, American and international publications.
  • Published 2016 international bestseller "Instant Insights on 12 Leadership Powers".
  • Got nominated for many and won a few awards for her leadership and advocacy in gender equality or women focused non-profit organizations
  • Huge tool-box of change methods: Systemic Thinking, Systemic Constellations, Transaction Analyses, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Level, Kinesiology Three in one Concept, The Work, Real Time strategic Change, Open Space, Future Conference, Appreciative Inquiry, Non-Violent Communication, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping Level 3 Practitioner, Sedona Method, Avatar Technology, Landmark Education Distinctions, Body Scanning, Peace Processing, Experiential online learning, Storytelling for business, Intentional Creativity®, Meta-Cognitive Drawing
  • Latest certifications: Color of Women Intentional Creativity Teacher by MUSEA, ACE Journey to Mastery Coaching Certification by WBECS, currently in Motherboard Coaching Certification Training

What is Sylvia's style as a teacher and mentor?

Sylvia Becker-Hill is a true Rennaisance Woman who combines multiple archetypes like the wizard, artist and sage. These are words her clients and followers use to describe her personality and her style:
  • passionate, committed
  • enthusiastic, alive
  • inspiring, a role model
  • effervescently creative
  • outside the box innovator
  • complex, deep, insightful
  • high integrity, truth teller
  • reliable, trustworthy
  • loving, caring, empath
  • game changer
  • paradigm challenger
  • catalyst of greatness

Testimonials - Sylvia's impact on others

"Sylvia's enthusiasm as a teacher is wonderful and contagious."

Christian Wandeler

Project Leader Inplus GmbH Schweiz

“Sylvia’s intuition is spot on! I left her training feeling unstuck and ready to be the person I know how to be!”

Linda Napier

Director T Falcon Napier & Associates, Inc. USA

"Thanks to Sylvia I get back in touch with my energy and can continue with my projects more positively and optimistically.

Martin Jessen

Counsellor and Coach, wunder und wege, Berlin/Germany

"It is tangible that Sylvia loves what she does and that she loves her audience and clients. There is nothing fake about this woman."

Wanda Hatton

CEO "Ageless at any Stage", Salt Lake City/USA

Performance Impressions

Sylvia facilitating a book-launch party on Zoom for one of her speaker's at the Juicy Life Leader Conference
Sylvia Becker-Hill as Cleopatra after her SUE Talk on stage holding her brain model
The artist Sylvia Becker-Hill in front of the 48 by 60 inches big painting called "This is who I am".

Private Impressions

How is Sylvia filling her time when she is not coaching, speaking, teaching, studying or painting... working?

  • reading 'kitchig' love novels about Regency England
  • showing her boys major cities like Berlin, Paris, Auckland NZ, New York...
  • watching movies snuggling with her 'three men" on their huge family pit
  • Playing German board games and puzzles
  • strolling on the beach
  • visiting model homes
  • visiting galleries/museums
  • hosting dinner parties
  • window shopping for design furniture and colorful fashion brands like Desigual, Farm Rio and Anthropology
  • Enjoying yoga and Pilates
Born in Germany 1967 as a single child. Growing up with her parents and mother's parents who all were WWII refugees carrying PTSD.
Sylvia met her New Zealand husband Peter Hill at a spiritual conference in Florida 2000. After dating around the world. They got married on Kare Kare Beach the same year in NZ.
Sylvia with her husband Peter and teenage sons Orlando and Sebastian having fun taking a selfie on their porch in their Californian paradise
Sylvia Becker-Hill behind the lectern in the golden assembly hall of the UN in NY during her first visit to the CSW following her passion to fight for women's and girls' rights, safety and equality.
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