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The Vision

A world based in realized gender partnership
reated by a global community of evolved leaders 
who have consciously left behind patriarchal ways of being.
new economy that is rooted in Humanity's deepest needs,
encourages creative self expression and
creates a sustainable and diverse world.

The Mission

To empower you to experience unshake-able happiness.
Because happy leaders are better leaders.

Core Definitions

"Happy Leaders are Better Leaders."
             Sylvia Becker-Hill


Full of life-giving energy, alive, effervescent, precious

Juicy Life

A life fully lived, satisfying, real, joy filled, sustainable, balancing professional and private passions, balancing feminine and masculine energy, rich, soul-based instead of ego-driven, mentally inspiring and emotionally nurturing, a life that matters

Juicy Life Leader

A leader who brings all of who they are into both their
professional and private life.
A leader who refuses to compromise their integrity, love, relationships or to sacrifice their health or others.
A leader who takes responsibility for their pain and the disowned parts of themselves and who seeks wholeness and alignment.
A leader who defies patriarchal ways of being, dismantles patriarchal institutions and is committed to work in alignment with humanity's evolution towards true gender partnership.
A leader who ambitiously strives for top results, big impact and the joy of being free to be truly themself.
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Globally the prevailing paradigm of economic and social organization is still patriarchal. Anything considered to be 'male' is perceived of higher value than anything considered 'female'. Yet, across every industry sector and discipline, we see patriachal systems crumbling and in decline. This decline represents an evolutionary trend from partriarchy to diversity, sustainability and inclusion.

Here and there we see emerging beacons: The leadership of New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the welfare systems of Scandinavian countries, reforestation and renewable energy growth in multiple parts of the world ... These beacons are the signs of a new sustainable paradigm of partnership between the genders, between each other, and between humans and planet Earth.

Humanity is in desperate need of evolved leaders who understand these historic changes, and are capable of guiding humanity through this evolutionary process. Those people are Juicy Life Leaders.

Important comments about "Evolutionary Progress"!

Evolution doesn't function linear nor exclusive! 
Which means: Evolution progresses in illogical jumps and meanders in twists and turns. Plus it never throws out all of the previous stages rather keeps what's sustainable and serving the welfare of the overall oneness of everything and lets go of that which doesn't.

In case of the archetype-switch from Warrior to Artist that means everything good, strong and usefull of the previous archetype lives inside the new one! A leader embracing the artist archetype knows how to fight and uses creativity to change the world! Yes his or her "sword" might be a paintbrush, pen, photocamera or podcast...

Future Aligned Learning

When cultural paradigms change, so must also our way of learning! The patriarchal - "old school learning" - styles not only lost their appeal for new generations of students. They simply are proven by neuroscience discoveries to be often contra-productive to sustainable learning!

Sylvia Becker-Hill studied educational science at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Germany, is working as a lifelong mentee with number one experiential learning and gamification teacher Clinton Swayne founder of Frontiers Training and stays up-to-date with online learning methods as a student with Ray Rhamirez PHD from Vignettes Learning and empowers her painting art and creativity with her maestra Shiloh Sophia founder of MUSEA, the biggest global online women artists movement and museum. She combines her own ongoing education with her passion for your success and her own effervescent creativity!
Sylvia embodies what life-long learning looks like!

Through the Juicy Life Leader Academy, she created a space for Future Aligned Learning where you leave outdated patriarchal ways of learning behind and where you aquire transformational literacy!

Old School Learning

 Future Aligned Learning

  • Linear - lessons followed a strict order
  • Hierarchical - teacher has authority over student
  • Left brain focused - analytical, data driven, binary
  • Consuming information - memorizing facts
  • Flat - one dominant world view
  • Monolithic disciplines - thinking in research boxes
  • Past based - seeking illusion of safe predictability
  • Status and ego driven - hoarding knowledge
  • Isolated doctrine - no external questioning
  • Serious matter - cutting of aliveness and lightness
  • Isolated learner - competition paradigm
  • Spiral - repetition and digresses are intended
  • Partnership model - everyone is a learner
  • Dual brain stimulating - conscious and intuitive
  • Creativity - explorative and intentional
  • Multidimensional - scholarly science & edge
  • Interdisciplinary - mutual inspiration & exchange
  • Future informed - listening into the unknown
  • Sustainability & unity focused - serving the world
  • Context aware - impact of environment
  • Fun - brain aligned lightness & playfulness
  • Community learning - utilizing mastermind effects

When you close your eyes and allow yourself to dream...
how would you love to learn?

“Every human being is an artist, a freedom being, called to participate in transforming and reshaping the conditions, thinking and structures that shape and inform our lives.”

Joseph Beuys

Political activist, artist 1921 - 1986
(Portrait by Stefan Schweihofer Artist on Pixabay)

Yes, I want to evolve as a leader!
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