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Frequently Asked Questions

about the Juicy Life Leader Academy

Key differentiators of the Juicy Life Leader Academy to other leadership programs are:

1. Instead of abstract theories about leaderSHIP, YOU - the individual leader - and YOUR HAPPINESS are the focus of the Juicy Life Leader Academy's program. Why? Because one of the foundations of our philosophy is that Happy leaders are better leaders.

2. Instead of linear old school ways of teaching, the curriculum is designed for circular learning, which utilizes the newest insights about what the human brain needs to learn and how the brain can rewire itself for long term sustainable performance rather than short term performance bursts.

3. Instead of supporting the patriarchial institutions that treat people as "human capital" and our planet Earth's resources as expendable resources, the Juicy Life leader Academy teaches   you how to dismantle the patriarchy and its conditioning in your own brain. You will be empowered to be a future-fit leader creating a post-patriarchal world together with a community of diverse leaders from around the world, instead of just "functioning better without burn out" and perpetuating an outdated system from the past.

4. Instead of teaching how to change strategies and better your professional performance, the Juicy Life Leader Academy provides a framework and content that enables deep personal transformation that impacts how you think, feel and act in all areas of your life. You learn how to lead a juicy life!

5. Instead of being course based with a specific start date and end date,  the Juicy Life Leader Academy is designed as an 'evergreen' membership model where you are connected with a growing global community of members that offer the potential of a life long immersive learning. Just as you might go to a gym for you physical fitness, you join the Juicy Life leader Academy to train and maintain your "future-fitness". 
Here are some past clients who have completed content from the Juicy Life Leader Academy:

"I had a classic mid-life crises questioning everything: My position in our company, my marriage, my life-style... I felt low on energy, close to depressed and missed my own mojo and smile... after working with Sylvia for about nine months all that had changed: I expanded my leadership position inside the company. I stepped into team-development stratigically and pro-actively. I rekindled my marriage. I spend more time with my teenage sons. My health was better. Even my doctor was impressed and took me off some medicine! Overall I enjoyed my life again and felt my mojo was back. The biggest gift: I didn't know how mean and harsh I had been to my self! I stopped that and - literally! - fell in love with myself! What a gift! That was over eight years ago and has not vanished!"

"I had for the past six years before working with Sylvia a difficult role: I was shutting down branches of our corporation and fired over the years thousands of people. To be able to do that, I had to close my heart and not be compassionate with all those fates... That nearly cost me my marriage and the connection to my children! I could not do my job 12 hours a day and then come home and be suddenly be all 'kumbaja'! I remember I asked Sylvia during our first meeting to help me with two things: Open my heart again so I can save my marriage and family plus help me change my image and reputation inside my company. I had gotton a new role, yet my reputation preceeded me. Everywhere I went, I triggered fear and rumors of lay-offs... I'm happy to say in less than a year I was able to accomplish both!"

"I had to pass an assessment center to jump one hierarchy level inside our company. The problem was, I had failed it a few years prior and I was terrified to fail again and disappoint my superiors, my wife and not being able to get the CEO position I had planed for. Long story short: Thanks to Sylvia I passed the assessment, became CEO and worked with her as my coach on my side for three years. She helped me with conflicts inside my leadership team, made me work out regularly and establish healthy habits around water intake, time with my family and sleep. I reduced my inner stress level substantially eventhough the company went through a very challenging time with several real disasters! I learned a lot about communication and managing myself and how I show up to others and more. The positive impact on me, my leadership, my company's results and team is too big to list."

When you achieve your desired results depends on many factors: How much self-development work you have done before you join the Juicy Life Leader Academy, your level of maturity, you emotional, psychological and mental health and fitness level, your commitment, your engagement level with the content and with Sylvia and other members... everyone's learning journey is unique. So I can't tell you how long it can take to produce these sort of results.

Like a gym which offers the space to work-out and the tools and machines and support to do so, if gym members don't come to the gym and use all that is offered, hoping for results is just wishful thinking!

What we do can guarantee is content that is top quality, science based, state of the art and at the edge of current Zeitgeist and evolutionary trends, a top quality of delivery, plus my ongoing passion for your growth, success and happiness.

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The Juicy Life Leader Academy's curriculum roll-out is designed to be easily understandable and easily integratable for hard working professionals with fulltime jobs and families. Each month the first week contains new content of about 30 -45 min and then implementation depends on the topic - it might from 1 min to 10 min per day. Some weeks when you join the office hours to get questions answered or receive coaching live or watch an office hours replay may take up to 90 minutes. 

To summarize: an average of one hour a week for your evolution as a leader seemed doable for all the international participants we interviewed after the Juicy Life Leader Conference in summer 2020.
The level of tech savvyness required to make the most out of your membership is comparable to other professional leadership programs.

You need to be able to do the following:
- Have access to the internet ideally on a web browser rather than just your smart phone
- Recieve and manage emails
- Navigate an online dashboard with email and a password to gain access
- Download, save and print handouts and supportive material
- Watch online videos
- Join a Zoom meeting and follow good meeting ettiquite with other members
- Join and engage in Facebook group converstations if you choose to network with other members

If you ever run into problems, we are here for you to help you! Just send an email to: and one from the team will get back to you to help you.

When you access the academy's dashboard for the first time, you will see an "Orientation Module" which is designed to set you up for success, with practical tips on how to organize your time, your material and your engagement. 
Accountability manifests when focus is combined with publicly stated commitment.

We encourage accountability through:
Engagement prompts Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the "Networking
   Club House" in the private Facebook group where we will ask you to make a commitment each Monday and provide content questions to answer, share photos of exercises or observations on Wednesday, and celebrate progress and learning on Friday
- Weekly email "Juicy Life Leader Academy Newsletter" with reminders
  that create a clear focus for each week
- Monthly downloadable habit creation tracker for your personal use
- through a monthly checklist you can download and tick off to keep track of your
  overall progress
- Bi-weekly live office hours where the main community buiding happens
- Encouragement, training and accountability through a buddy system with another member over 12 weeks/three modules 
No problem at all! When you can't join live want a question answered,  send an email 24 hours before the Office Hours and Sylvia will answer your question on the Office Hours Zoom call. 

All Office Hours get recorded and the replay video is made available 48 hours later on the dashboard. You can watch these replays whenever it suits you. 

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That is wonderful! And as a member of the Juicy Life Leader Academy you get as part of the bonus package 10% off of any coaching package you might book with Sylvia outside the Juicy Life Leader Academy!

Just reach out via email at and explain what your goal is you're pursuing with the coaching and if you are seeking a "one off single session" which are only available for past clients and ademy members or if you seek a longer customized coaching engagements or a "coaching + art" package which ends with you owning a commissioned painting from Sylvia.

You'll get an email then with the next step, which is usually a phone call or a questionnaire or a link to the enrollment for a specific coaching package plus the code to get your 10% off.
The Juicy Life Leader Academy  - short "JLLA" - is designed with the intention to create a highly focused learning community: Which means all members are working on the same content being delivered that month. 

"Open enrollment" supports that intention. It means the academy has not like a course or a semester a fixed start day and a fixed end day! New members can join any time!

Every new member has to go through the "Orientation Module", which is full of valuable information and checklists to set you up for success in the JLLA!  After going through the orientation module new members go into the module for that current month. 

Previous months/modules are all available too!  Some advanced modules might require going through a specific module from the archive in order to understand a current module better and deeper.

You can meet your friends and collegues you enroll live during the bi-weekly office hours on Zoom and inside the networking club house, a private Facebook group.

Plus one to one or inside small group accountability circles that are encouraged.
Developing new habits takes time. To create lasting change and new hard wired neurocircuits it needs around 90 days of focused repetition! We want you to be successful. Plus some people have a pattern of self-doubt and buyer's remorse which shows up as inner negative self-talk that tries to talk them out of their goals and commitments.

To protect you from that the minimum enrollment time is 3 months. That's enough time to get fully orientated, into a rhythm with all the parts of the academy and a taste of the content, and potentially experience enough changes and results to evaluate if you're in the right place.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and become your number one place for your leadership growth and personal transformation. Becoming a Juicy Life Leader and gaining mastery with mater, relationships and oneself ( see curriculum page!) takes time and effort!
Congratulations! You're seeing this enrollment page still during the launch-phase and are eligable for the monthly membership fee of $97 for the life time of your contract!

You pay with a credit card through any of the orange buttons on this page saying either "become a member" or "Yes, I want to become a member."

We use Stripe as our online merchant provider. You'll get a reciept from Stripe and a welcome email from us with your access link to the Juicy Life Leader Aademy's dashboard in a matter of minutes. Your credit card wil be charged with the same amount you signed up for every 30 days, no matter when during a month you signed up.

When the academy reaches 50 members the launch-price will go up to $129 for the next 50 members and then will reach its standard ongoing price level of $149. Make sure to share this opportunity with your friends to take advantage of the lower membership fee while we are in the launch phase spring 2021!
After three months of paid membership you can cancel any time by sending an email to with "cancellation" in the subject line and with minimum 10 days before your next credit card charge and you'll get deleted from the system.
No questions asked. 
You'll get a confirmation email when your membership has stopped.
After your first 12 months of paid membership, we'll send you a questionnaire about the content of the curriculum, your progress and results. There is no "grading" or "passing".

When we get that questionnaire filled out from you, you'll get an electronic certificate to download, print and frame. Plus a new special badge. Plus a surprise gift and access to the circle of advanced members and access to special second year member bonuses.

When ever you end your membership after your first 12 months, you'll get a final questionnaire and a certificate to proof the length of time and content you studied with us, which you can use for job applications or brag about. :-)
Yes, I want to become a member!         
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